June 9–10, 2021


A free 2 day virtual conference on the future of shipping software.


o11ycon brings the vendor-neutral observability community together to advance the practice. hnycon is where you learn how to implement observability successfully with Honeycomb.

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Wednesday, June 9 8:00 AM—1:00 PM PST

This is a vendor-neutral, highly interactive day, meant to spark community conversations, with open-space inspired sessions, fireside chats, and panel discussions. o11ycon presentations focus on the challenges and benefits of observability, regardless of specific tool choices.

You’ll learn from the community’s most advanced practitioners about the cutting-edge capabilities and unique outcomes that define observability, based on lessons learned.


Thursday, June 10 8:00 AM—1:00 PM PST

This is Honeycomb’s first-ever user conference! Through practitioner and executive tracks, our users and the Honeycomb team teach you how to implement observability with Honeycomb today, and what we’re unlocking for you in the future.

You’ll learn from top Honeycomb customers and experts about how to put observability into practice and achieve production excellence.

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The o11ycon+hnycon CFP is currently open and accepting submissions now. o11ycon is a great event for new speakers. Come share your story!